How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard Easily

Now days, many individuals are using a laptop computer for their personal purposes, academics, and the businesses. Most of them don’t keep it clean and there are more dusts and dirt on the laptop keyboard. If the dusts are going inside of your keyboards, it will be damaged and not working at all. It is always very important to keep your laptop keyboard clean for the effective performance. Once you have decided to clean your laptop keyboard, the following steps will be helpful to easily and quickly clean it.

Cleaning laptop keyboard
  • First turn off your laptop and disconnect all the USB connections, charger, and everything.
  • For the simple cleaning on the top of the keyboard, you just tilt the laptop in the forward direction. Hopefully, the dusts and dirt in between the keys will fall out.
  • In the next step, you need to take the teaspoon and wrap it using the small piece of white cloth for the wiping purpose. The white cloth should be wet for the effective cleaning process.
  • You have to drag the teaspoon at all the keys and edges of the laptop keyboard. It will get rid of the dirt, dusts, and anything stucked up in the keyboard.
  • If you have a vacuum cleaner in your home, it will be beneficial to perfectly clean the dusts on the lap keyboard. You just run your vacuum cleaner over the keys and other portions of the laptop keyboard to suck out the minute dusts.
  • When you don’t have vacuum cleaner, hair dryer is an alternative option for the same process of removing the dusts.
  • After this process, it is better wiping your laptop keyboard using the simple white cloth to clean it well.
  • If the laptop users still having problems with your keyboards, it is better removing the keyboard separately from your laptop with the help of the professional. It is very helpful for the deep cleaning process of the inner side of the laptop keyboard. But without any problem, the above mentioned steps are useful to remove the dusts and dirt to clean the keyboard.

It is always essential to clean the laptop keyboard in the regular time interval in order to avoid the dirt and dusts get into the keys and avoid damaging. Using these simple steps, one can easily clean your keyboard at home.

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