Connecting a laptop to a desktop computer

Basically, connecting the two computers is very simple and easy to access that allow you to transfer files quicker than any other method. You can also share one computer’s internet connection with others by just connecting the two computers. But the process may vary based on the operating system that you are using as well as whether you are transferring files or an internet connection. One of the easiest ways to connect laptop to the desktop is using the existing network capabilities on your computer. However, you can be achieved by just connecting the systems to each other through the wireless network connection or Ethernet cable.

When you connect the systems via Ethernet cable, your computers should have Ethernet port that normally appears like wide phone jack. If you connect the two systems directly, it requires using this Ethernet cross over cable. In case, if you connect your computers to a network hub, it requires to use the straight Ethernet cable to connect both systems to the hub. To make a wireless network, the systems need to have a wireless card and also have the wireless router, which acts as a main station for your network. Once you install the wireless card, system software could be automatically recognized.

In order to connect the laptop to the computer, you have to follow the below methods that include:

  • First of all, you have to insert the cross over cable in one end to the Ethernet port in the laptop and connect the other end to the computer device.
  • You can use both ends of the cable for both systems and there is no other restrictions to use the specific cable end on one side.
  • Now, you click on the Windows “start” button on your laptop.
  • Then, click the control panel in main menu.
  • Once it appears, you have to type “network” in a given search box that appears at the upper-right corner of the pop up window in control panel.
  • After typing network in the search box, you click on the “network and sharing center” in the main panel of the Windows.
  • In case, the control panel window is marked as “classic view”, you just double click on the “network and sharing center”.
  • It shows the dialog box and you double click on the “unidentified network” icon that locates at the upper part of the main window in the network and sharing center.
  • Now, you just point the mouse on the name of a desktop computer and then double click over it to make a connection between two computers.
  • Finally, type the specific username and password in order to access the desktop computer once if prompted.

For connecting the laptop to desktop, you have to follow all these above steps properly. Make sure to check the connection, when you implement each step of connecting process and continue to follow the procedure in an accurate way. If you do wrongly in any of these steps, it will not work properly at the end, so you have to keep following the methods carefully.

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